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Let Technical Writer take care of your online presence - for example web site content, blogs, email, social networking and other media presented over the cloud.


Remember we can also help you with professional photography services of products, premises personnel and more.


Web Content


At Technical Writer we are very much at home creating content for web sites – be it creating from scratch or getting to grips with existing sites, making sure they get their messages across.


Web content has a different style to other media – for example paragraphs should be short with plenty of ‘white space’. We are experienced in web content writing, making sure then content is concise (making every word count) and in plain English.


Content needs to be written with ‘White Hat’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. SEO tactics are used to encourage search engines such as Google to place the web page high in relevant search results. At Technical Writer we make sure that it is the inbound links and content that speaks for itself and ensures a high ranking in Google. So called ‘White Hat’ SEO is the most reliable long term solution as Google constantly reviews algorithms and ‘punishes’ sites for using gimmicky SEO techniques.


Blogging Services


Would your enterprise benefit from a blog?


Successful blogging raises your enterprise's profile and helps push up the Google ranking of your web presence.

A blog can vary from a series of lengthy articles to a Twitter account.


You can use a blog can promote your enterprise with information including:


  • New products and services
  • News (promoted in a different way to press releases – a blog should targeted at casual readers)
  • Significant events such as new premises and new contracts
  • Awards nominated for and won
  • Your business philosophies
  • Associated events (such as staff charity successes)
  • Staff profiles
  • Fun stuff


The style of blog Technical Writer can write for you may vary enormously, ranging from personal (speaking as a single ‘chatty’ entity) to corporate (written as the face of an enterprise, keeping it formal). We work with you to define what style would best suit your enterprise.


If you think you can benefit from a blog, but do not have the time to keep it up to date, then let Technical Writer do it for you. We can guarantee that any entry you ask us to write will be bespoke and not be repeated elsewhere. Of course entries will be written to our normal high standards.




Technical Writer can bring it all together with E-communications. We see E-communications as treating your electronically based business/marketing strategy as a whole, including all delivery methods. We can help you with your campaign by coordinating such delivery streams as:


  • Web site
  • Email
  • Blogs
  • Videos (YouTube channels)
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters


For example a newsletter can be sent in an email which contains links to videos promoting new products, an audio message from the CEO, and links to your web site and Twitter feed.






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