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Let Technical Writer do your training for you


We have a qualified and experienced trainer at Technical Writer who can design and deliver workshops and training courses for you. This means you can hand over the course preparation and delivery to us. We can organise a venue and ancillary requirements such as refreshments on your behalf.


Our trainer is accredited by the Training Foundation in the Trainer Assessment Programme training system – this qualifies him to train in any subject. He has also been accredited by RM to train specifically on some of their software products.

Need a training course? We can design it for you


Need a qualified trainer to deliver the course? We can do that for you too.


This includes all written and presentation material, which will boost your course’s effectiveness.


Workshops and Training courses are enhanced when delegates get a ‘training pack’ either on arrival or departure (depending on how the trainer wants to run the event). The material for these packs can be put together by Technical Writer.


These packs can have several benefits:


  • The material includes reference guides for the event, so delegates can look up what they forgot. This increases the long term effectiveness of the course/workshop.
  • Delegates get a sense of ‘value for money’ – they have something tangible to take away with them.
  • If the course has exercises, then these can be included in the packs, making the event flow more effectively.
  • Branded material promotes your corporate identity.
  • Brochures, fact sheets and other marketing material can promote further products and services.
  • Feedback forms provide data on what worked and what can be improved at the event


Technical Writer can create the following specifically for training courses and workshops:


  • Course subject notes (ranging from lists of what is covered to full user guides)
  • Hand outs (shorter pieces of information)
  • Exercises
  • Feedback Forms
  • PowerPoint presentations (as well as the projected presentations, printed copies of the slides can be included in the training pack).
  • Promotional material
  • Anything else you might require




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